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What is SEO ?

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The process of optimizing a site for higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why SEO ?

More visibility on the net through higher ranking, means more visitors on your website and more conversion to actual buyers of your products. Research shows over 90 percent of search traffic clicks goes to the top 3 positions, and almost no traffic reaches the second page of results.
Bottomline is still, more clicks means more profit!
Search engines are demand driven, so in general you don't have to persuade the visitor to buy the product. You still have to persuade him or her to buy your product though.

Organic Search Engine Results ?

The best sustainable results, you achieve by letting your site score high in the "organic search results".
Organic, means as much as: the shown search results other than advertisements. So your site should reach high ranking on its own strength.

Click Through Rate (CTR) means the percentage of times your site was shown in the search engine result pages AND actually has been clicked on. The CTR of good organic search results is way higher than the CTR of advertisements.

White Hat vs Black Hat

Black logo, White hat SEOIf you really want to do it right, and that is what seo-resq wants, you are bound by rules. The main rules are drawn up by the world's largest search engine Google, the market leader with a US market share of about 70 percent.

The aim of seo-resq is to help anyone with a site that wants to rank higher in search engine results. We want to help you to score high in the organic search results, in a responsible manner according to Google's Guidelines for webmasters. Acting according to the Guidelines for webmasters from Google, is considered White Hat SEO. More dodgy techniques, are commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO.
seo-resq considers itself White Hat, and will not make use of any Black Hat techniques. Although they might work for a while, pulling rank for your website, these techniques are not sustainable and durable for your ranking. We thank Google to be around in the first place, and therefore we will act according to their rules and uphold our integrity, and that of our customers.

Who are we dealing with ?

There are 3 main players in western SearchEngineLand. Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Google is based in California USA, and is by far the largest Search Engine Company in the World, with over 40,000 employees. They have a Search Engine market share in the US of about 70 percent.
Larry Page is the founder of Google together with Sergey Brin. PageRank is a direct derivative of the name Larry Page. Want to know more about Google still?

Far behind Google we find both Bing and Yahoo! which now are both owned by MicroSoft. Together they comprise about 30 percent of the US Search Engine market.

Futher more we have small players like Ask, Lycos and others. And ofcourse the Russian search engine Yandex and China's Baidu.

SEO further explained

SEO can more or less be divided in a few blocks.
Technical, marketing, content, link building, social media and web analytics.

Technical SEO

search engine optimization technical adjustmentsThere are a lot of things you can do technically to your site, to make it more findable and readable to search engine crawlers and spiders.

You can think about stuff like site structure, htaccess files, 301 redirects, search engine friendly URLs, etc...



search engine optimization & marketingIf your technical SEO measures are in place, another main feature of your site comes to SEO attention. Your identity. Who are you? What do you want to sell or tell? What is your USP (unique selling point) to put it in marketing terms. Oops now we have said it, marketing.
A marketing view is needed to sort out your true identity (if you don't already know by heart), and the matching keywords and keyphrases you wish to rank high on in the SERPs (search engine result pages).



search engine optimization & contentOnce established the best words and phrases for you, it's time to implement some of your keyword research in another very important SEO block. Your content.
Content should be relevant, new, innovative, interesting enough and unique enough for the search engines and the public in general to pick up on.
Writing or rewriting your content to be both readable to the bots and the human visitors is a SEO challenge. Keywords that are important to your site, should be mixed in a good way through your content. No stuffing, but also no misplaced modesty, please.


Link building

search engine optimization & link buildingNow your well on your way to better ranking, but your not there yet. Google for one uses a algorithm for its indexes, that relies for a great deal on Link Juice. It's the power your site gathers from trustworthy and relevant inbound links by other strong sites. The more strong inbound links, the more link juice for your site. And the more PageRank from Google, to position your site higher in their indexes.


Social Media

search engine optimization & social mediaIn today's modern world, more and more often communication developes along social media channels rather than the more conventional means, such as phone, tv, e-mail etc...
Therefore it's a part of modern society, from which you can no longer ignore or diminish it's importance. The youth are the consumers and decision makers of the future, and their vote counts for a lot.
Their litteral votes in the form of Likes and Plusses, therefore are important to your site, in view of link juice but also as an investment in future consumers of your products.


Web Analytics

search engine optimization web analyticsAs you can conclude from above mentioned SEO Blocks it is important to correctly analyse a lot of the raw data in these different SEO fields. For this several tools are freely available, and ofcourse there are also a lot of paid services and tools available to analyze your web data.
Important is a consistent way of analyzing your data with the help of any or many of these tools.


With this severely simplified explanation of Search Engine Optimization we hope to have somehow convinced you of the importance of SEO for your own website.
And of course to have sparked your intent to make use of the great products and services of seo-resq. Affordable accessible SEO for all.



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Search Engine Optimization
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