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Search Engine Optimization
Strategy by seo-resq

Internet Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Strategy by seo-resqTo best serve your own interests, you should make a strategy for implementing the SEO changes. Also it is highly recommended to clarify for yourself which path to take, to secure the higher rankings and to even better them still. This shall have to be an on going process, as your competition will not linger either, and the SEO business is in constant movement also.

Market Analysis

Where does the site owner reside on the market. How is the site currently indexed, who are the competitors, especially after optimization. What are the changes needed, both technical and content (keyword-level), to stay ahead of the competition.

Based upon a scan and a good market analysis, a good Strategic Plan can be put together. This covers the technical aspects to be adapted and proposed content changes, but also marketing strategies, competition analysis, link building analysis and social media analysis.


SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. A good marketing strategy, differs from SEO, as it also includes other than organic ways to boost your Conversion Rate (Percentage of Clicks that actually result in Sales). SEA is the field, in which internet advertisements are used to boost your CTR (Click Through Rate), and hopefully lead to more Conversion (actual sales).

Link Building Analysis

A good analysis of your links, internal, external and inbound is necessary for any long term internet strategy. Once you have a clear picture of all links, you can develop a vision how to better these links, and boost rankings higher. The Quick SEO Scan suffices in a link building analysys. In both our Standard SEO Scan and Extensive SEO Scan you will find a far more elaborate product in this Search Engine Optimization field.

Social Media Analysis

Social Media has already been mentioned once or twice on our website, as a factor to no longer ignore. In Searchengineland the social media will gain more and more influence on the ranking process. Likes, plusses and tweets are a good indicator for the search engines, on relevancy an trustworthyness factors (PageRank), and will be taken into account by the algorithms more and more. The Standard SEO Scan suffices in a Social Media Analysis. Our Extensive SEO Scan represents a far more elaborate product in this SEO field.








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Search Engine Optimization
seo-resq wants to help all, reach their goals and aspirations on the digital marketplace: INTERNET. We know e-commerce has the future, and will become the standard in commerce over the years to come. Don't miss out on it, be a part of it. Excel in it. Contact seo-resq now and step into the future.


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