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Search Engine Optimization
Link Building by seo-resq

Link Building

Search Engine Optimization & Link Building by seo-resqLink Building is the practice of gaining as many relevant reliable and trustworthy links to your own site as possible. Relevant, reliable and trustworthy links to your site, increase the value of your site within the search engine results.


A lot of good links to your site, boosts your PageRank as Google calls it. The value of your site, in comparison to others, based for a great deal on the quality and quantity of your links.


Ofcourse Social Media can no longer be put aside, and also plays an important role in any modern link building effort. For a more comprehensive exposition we refer to our Social Media page.

Link Analysis

A good analysis of your internal links, external links and inbound links is nessecary to make a good Link Building Strategy Plan.
Does your site pass link juice in a good way, because of a good internal link structure?
Does your site link back to relevant and authoritive sites regarding your mission and USP(unique selling point)?
Are the inbound links coming from relevant, authoritive and trustworthy sites? Are they rel=follow or nofollow links?
What is the ratio between external and inbound links?
All questions that need to be answered, to get a clear picture of your sites link status. With this data you can develop a link building plan.

Link Building Plan

This plan must lead to executable steps, to build relevant, reliable and trustworthy links to your website. Such steps cover a wide variety of possibilities of building good quality links. Ofcourse all need to be within the range of White Hat SEO and Google's Guidelines.

Link Building and our SEO Scans

Our Link Building efforts in all our SEO Scans analyses your link profile. Based upon your current link profile a solid strategy is developed to build more relevant, reliable and trustworthy links. This strategy is translated into a Link Building Plan, with clear steps to follow. it also relates to the Social Media that is becoming more and more important, but for an elaborate and comprehensive product in this Search Engine Optimization field we refer to our Extensive SEO Scan.


The price of a SEO Scan is fixed! For rates of seperate Link Building Services and all other SEO services we refer to the pricelist below.
We also refer to the terms and conditions below.



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Search Engine Optimization
seo-resq wants to help all, reach their goals and aspirations on the digital marketplace: INTERNET. We know e-commerce has the future, and will become the standard in commerce over the years to come. Don't miss out on it, be a part of it. Excel in it. Contact seo-resq now and step into the future.


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