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The prices for these Scans are fixed!

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Search Engine Optimization
Scans by seo-resq

SEO Scans

Search Engine Optimization Scans by seo-resqOur Search Engine Optimization Scans are ment to analyze your site on SEO fields that are important to your ranking position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result pages).

A SEO scan is an important first step towards an fully optimized site. The results of a scan by seo-resq articulate in a clear report on how to optimize your website for higher ranking in the SERPs(search engine result pages).

SEO blocks

The scans consist of a number of SEO components. How more extensive the scan, the more search engine optimization components it contains. The average number of hours that is spent on the different parts also differ per scan.
The prices are fixed for the scans. This way we keep optimizing a website, affordable and accessible for any audience.

keyword analysis 5 words
free choice
10 words
15 words
structure analysis X X X
HTML analysis X X X
link analysis X X X
link-building plan X X X
market analysis X X
strategy plan X X
social media analysis X
social media plan X
seo report X X X

First step towards optimization

As mentioned earlier, a SEO scan of seo-resq is a good first step towards a good optimized website, accessible and easy to index by the search engines. The scans provide all the knowledge you need to optimize your site. Of course the scan is a fundation, on which further action in the form of execution of the recommendations is needed.

Next SEO step

Based upon a good scan, a lot of the technical and content SEO issues can be tackeled. Next steps would be a Strategy Plan, a Link Building Plan and a Social Media plan. Depending on the type of scan that is chosen, these search engine optimization parts may or may not be included in the report. These plans can further help you to optimize your site to the fullest. More specified information about these SEO products you can find on the productpages for Strategy, Link Building and Social Media.


For a detailed pricelist please open the pdf pricelist below, or download it.
We also refer to seo-resq's terms and conditions below.

The prices for the SEO scans are fixed.
Seo-resq will always go for a good quality scan, even if there are more hours spend on it than the average.



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Search Engine Optimization
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