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SEO Products

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Compact SEO
Rank Report
10 keywords
3 keyphrases
Euro 40.-


Standard SEO
Rank Report
15 keywords
5 keyphrases
Euro 60.-


Customized SEO
Rank Report
any # of keywords
any # of keyphrases
any #>4 of search engines
Euro 4.- per element


SEO Scorecard
Euro 180.-


SEO Scan
Euro 300.-


SEO Scan
Euro 600.-


SEO Scan
Euro 900.-


SEO Services
executive work
1 hour
Euro 40.-

1 hour
Euro 60.-

The prices for the above mentioned products are fixed!

All prices are excluding VAT.
See below for our pricelist and terms and conditions.

Search Engine Optimization
Products by seo-resq

Search Engine Optimization Products & Services by seo-resqSeo-resq has developed a number of products that help your site to rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Four Rank Reports, two SEO Scorecards, three types of SEO-Scans, a Strategy Pack, a Link Building Pack and a Social Media Pack.

SEO Rank Reports

SEO Scorecards

SEO Scans

SEO Strategy

SEO & Link Building

SEO & Social Media

SEO Services


For rates of all services we refer to the pricelist below.
We also refer to the terms and conditions below.



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Search Engine Optimization
seo-resq wants to help all, reach their goals and aspirations on the digital marketplace: INTERNET. We know e-commerce has the future, and will become the standard in commerce over the years to come. Don't miss out on it, be a part of it. Excel in it. Contact seo-resq now and step into the future.


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