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Robert Wiebenga
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Robert Wiebenga

I have founded seo-resq out of passion. Passion for the process of optimizing a site, and the work involved. I love to analyze, and streamline a site to its maximum potential. I get thrilled to achieve great search engine results, and more thrilled still from the idea to help someone out with my passion.


I have always been interested in the technical side of the internet and coding. The love for both the technical, analytical process and the more linguistic process has been the driving force for founding my SEO Company. Technics and Semantics very much come together in good Search Engine Optimization. I would love for everyone to get the most out of their own online endeavors, and to have success online.

I try to get the most out off what is already there, and do not tempt to change someone's website alltogether. SEO is very much about subtle adjustments and finetuning of what already works for you. Most clients don't want to loose the identity of their own site. And a lot of the times that certainly isn't necessary to gain a good ranking position.


I have to be honest with you. I don't like to come in second, and wil do my utmost best to always get higher and higher in the rankings. I aim for a No.1 position in the SERPs (resultpages of search engines).

Fair to say that a No. 1 position in the SERPs is not always feasible. And sometimes I have to be pleased to reach a #10 position.

In seo there are no guarantees for high rankings and certainly not for No.1 positions. But a non-optimized site does not even participate in the race.

SEO Techniques

I use an arsenal of seo-techniques, methods and tools to reach the highest goal. A lot is won with a good analysis of both the site and the digital competition, and a practical strategy plan.

Never ending

In short I analyze, strategyze, report and adjust.

And if you want to keep or better your position in the rankings, there is no shortcut. You will have to adapt yourself and your site to a constantly changing market.

Thanks for stopping by and don't hesitate to cont(r)act me.;-)



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Search Engine Optimization
seo-resq wants to help all, reach their goals and aspirations on the digital marketplace: INTERNET. We know e-commerce has the future, and will become the standard in commerce over the years to come. Don't miss out on it, be a part of it. Excel in it. Contact seo-resq now and step into the future.


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