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Social Media by seo-resq

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media by seo-resqWhat are social media ? Any interactive platform between you and the public in general. So that covers a wide range of platforms, like blogging sites, a company facebook page, a review of a product and the list goes on and on.

As a website owner you want to reach out to your public and want to be approachable as well. It's a two way story. So integration of Social Media in your website, and implementation and usage in the right way is a powerful SEO win as well as good customer service.

SEO & Social Media

Social media can no longer be ignored or underestimated. SEO in it's early days was a pure technical matter of adjusting the site structurally and rewriting the content to reflect the chosen keywords.

Nowadays the emphasis lies much more with both the technical story and gaining link juice, and with that Pagerank and PageTrust.
And still the field of Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, and the importance of Social Media in SEO is growing with the minute.


We no longer only talk about Link Juice, PageRank and PageTrust, but also about SocialRank. How many PLUSses and LIKEs has a site, and how much TWEETs mention your company name? A lot of social parameters can and will be integrated into the search algorithms.

So being talked about, and maybe even more important trying to monitor and somewhat steer or even control the discussion, becomes more and more a SEO business field. SocialRank is rapidly becoming an seo field of importance, that contributes to your position in the SERPs(search engine result pages).

Reputation Management

Trying to monitor and control these new media platforms has become a part of your Reputation Management. Or if not, it should be! Trying to manage negative information and making your companies view on matters leading, is just as well if not more part of your face to the outside world as any one-way-TV-commercial. Communication is no longer one way traffic, but has become much more democratic and relevant.

Social Media and our Extensive SEO Scan

In the end you want all the likes and plusses, and all the relevancy that comes with it to reflect upon your Website, Company Brand and Products. Ways to best implement Social Media on your every page, the integration of Social Media Widgets and the Strategy for a good Social Media policy are SEO fields, our Extensive SEO Scan deals with.


The price for an Extensive SEO Scan is fixed. For rates of seperate Social Media Services and all our other search engine optimization services we refer to the pricelist below.
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